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My account was locked

fanboyphilosopher2: Does anyone have an explanation? Earlier today I wanted to edit my account, so I clicked ' Профиль fanboyphilosopher'. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked 'eng', next to language. This did not do anything, so I clicked back to 'rus'. When I left the page, the forum looked unusual, with a white and green coloration, and I was not logged in. When I tried to log in by clicking 'Все прочитано' and giving my information, I was directed to sivatherium.borda.ru. Fortunately I was able to create a second account, but I am still confused as to why I could not log in with my first account. Is there an explanation for these events?

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bhut2: Sometimes this forum misfires and you have to acquire a new name, because the old one just doesn't work. This happened to me once, hence bhut2.

fanboyphilosopher2: I expected that was the case. I guess I simply won't try to edit my account any more after this

bhut2: Good luck.

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