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Neocene Mammals

JDB: Some mammals I have created include the Glidaroo (Dendrolagus Velivolum), a gliding tree kangaroo from Meganesia. Mountain Mauler (Gulo Dirus) A Giant mountain dwelling wolverine found in North America. Trinoceros (Cerototherium Trinus), Two species: Forest Trinoceros (Ceratotherium Trinus Congo) and the Plains Trinoceros (Ceratotherium Trinus Gramen) A three horned rhinoceros found in Africa and Zinj Land. Saltwater Aquabat (Myotis Aqua) A small flightless bat that swins in kelp forests. Sea Monkey (Trachypithecus Aqua) An aquatic leaf monkey from South East Asia that swims in saltwater. Tree Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus Minor) A small tree dwelling rhinoceros from South East Asia which their hooves evolved enabling them to climb up in the tree canopies. Slodent (Rattus Folivora) A tree dwelling sloth like rodent from South America. The Seadogs (Pinnicanids) Aquatic Dog species which include the apex predator of the oceans, the Seawolf (Pinnicanis Lupus), the walrus like Tusked Seadog (Pinnicanis Odobenus), The bulldog faced Slobberoth (Pinnicanis Bovilupus), The Seahound (Pinnicanis Alpinus) and found in the seas across the world, the Common Seadog (Pinnicanis Lupus Familiaris).

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fanboyphilosopher: Really interesting ideas, but unfortunately the majority wouldn't work in the Neocene project. However, there are hundreds of other speculative evolution projects out there, at least some of which would love to consider your ideas. The Mountain Mauler sounds similar to a Neocene future ferret, the mountain berl (quasiursus montanophilus).

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