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Автор: This topic is made for discussions on illustrations to the project.

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Автор: Fanboyphilosopher, I'd like to say something about illustrations you made for the project. First, the size of illustrations. Sometimes it is too small for the project. For example, pics of disc-headed shark and Japanese river horse. Can you reload these pics in better quality? Second, on Japanese river horse. In description there is an information about its size - up to 40 cm long. Compared to the aquatic plant you placed to the picture, it seems rather small. Is it better to redraw this image? Third, on spiny hypotenuse fish. The border between coloration of back and sides is too expressed. Maybe, it would be better to make it smoother. And about spots. In description, when I mean "spots", I think they must be larger in size and lesser in number. And on disk-headed shark. Its eyes must be placed wider on head, pointed to sides. I hope these notes may help you in work. If you have any more questions, just ask.

fanboyphilosopher: Are these good?

Автор: So, it's much better. But as for river horse, the actual picture makes a feeling of small fish compared to aquatic plant leaves. Usually aquatic plants with long stems have smaller leaves, that's why such illusion takes place.

fanboyphilosopher: It looks like the older, less accurate versions were those put on the site. I would've posted the newer versions in the main illustration section, but I had the flu and was too tired to bother with translating. Oh well.

Автор: Oh, I wish you to recover as soon as you can. I know what a bad thing it can be - some years ago I spent 3 weeks in hospital having flu, and once had a pneumonia also. Do not hasten, think about your owh health first. There are some other things to work at them. And, of course, if you have any questions on project, just ask.

fanboyphilosopher: Also, I've noticed a couple of my drawings weren't featured. Here are just my guesses as to why Fishing Warbler: too small or poor drawing quality Slobber Leech: background made it look too small Disk-headed Shark: as mentioned, I did not put the corrected version in the main illustration area Myling: Tatarinov mentioned the legs being too short, maybe he was right Whale Salpa: accidently drawn without organs (Tatarinov's was much better anyway) Archontobranchius: maybe incorrect fin placement?

fanboyphilosopher: Thank you for featuring my drawings and darkening those which needed to be. However, I did not see the worm-tailed python on the site or Tatarinov's crabstork. Also, the index picture for the wedgehead is mistakenly the stream elephant shrew.

Автор: Oh, it's only my mistake. Of course, it's good enough to be included to the project, and I just really forgot it. Sorry.

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